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ACAS Advisory: If you are looking at apartments to rent in Arizona; ask about their smoking policy!
"Is smoking allowed? If so and you move in, realize that you, your family
and pets may be negatively impacted by harmful 2nd-hand smoke!"
If you want more information about non-smoking multi-units, contact Arizona Smoke-Free Living at 602.258.7505
"Please contact us with your secondhand smoke (SHS) or drifting
SHS complaint(s).  We will do our best to help You with your
concerns or specific situations, whether in an apartment or condo."
Arizona Smoke-Free Living
(ASFL) Website Launches!
(02/18/13) Monthly ASFL Coalition meetings continue with the goal of
assisting Arizonans affected by drifting second hand smoke (SHS) in their
multi-tenant housing options (i.e., Apartments, Condos) or Single Private

The ASFL Coalition has an urgent need for Arizona to:
  • Educate Multi-Unit Residents, Housing Builders, Property
    Managers/Landlords and Policy-makers about the benefits of Smoke-
    Free Multi-Unit housing, and provide resources and cessation services
    when adopting smoke-free policies
  • Assist Multi-Unit Housing Residents/Single Family Housing residents in
    addressing their drifting SHS concerns
  • Provide a Directory of smoke-free multi-unit housing options throughout
    Arizona on a dedicated website

As more public places become smoke free, Multi-Unit Housing
Residents are insisting that their own living space be smoke free as
well.  Everyone's health can be assured when clean smoke-free air is
provided as a basic need.

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AZ Smokefree
Multi-Unit Housing

Additional New Multihousing properties in Maricopa County
that have varying smokefree policies:

Waymark Gardens – Senior (Age 62+ and Mobility Impaired) – smokefree
with designated smoking area outside – 150 units
    5325 W Butler Drive
    Glendale, AZ 85302
    (623) 931-7002

Rehoboth Place - 47 Unit, Multi-Family, Affordable Housing Community.
The entire property at Rohoboth Place is smoke free - no designated
smoking areas.
    2610 W Hazelwood Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85017
    (602) 281-6058

Native American Connections/Devine Legacy on Central - First Affordable
Apartment Community on the Metro Light
    Rail line
    4570 N Central Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85012
    (602) 903-4172
The entire property at Native American Connections/Devine Legacy on
Central is Tobacco Free.  They have a Smoking Ramada located far away
from any units that is also shared by Native American Connections Building
smoking occupants.
Manistee Manor Apartment Homes                   
'An Active Senior Community'                             
7987 North 53rd Ave., Glendale, AZ  85301      
Arizona Smoke-Free Housing - Coconino County               
Arizona Smoke-Free Housing Coconino County
Thanks to B. Carver, ACAS Advisor                           
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Private Residences

Private residences are one of the seven exemptions of the Smoke-Free Arizona Act A.R.S. § 36-601.01(“the Act”). Smoking is allowed in private
residences, except when used as a licensed child care, adult day care, or health care facility.

The Act does not address smoke entering into a private residence from outside, through a ventilation system, or from a neighboring residence.

Homes Licensed as Health Care Facilities

The Arizona Department of Health Services will regulate tobacco smoke at a private residence when the private residence is used as:

A licensed health care institution, including an area of the private residence that is used as an adult day care [an adult day health care facility as defined in
A.R.S. § 36-401(A)(4)] during the hours for which the area is licensed;
A licensed child care facility or an area of the private residence that is a certified area of a child care group home; or
A health care facility.

Smoking is allowed outside and on outdoor patios, such as back porches or balconies, as long as tobacco smoke does not enter into the licensed
private residence.

For more information about how the Act affects your licensed facility, please contact us at 1-877-AZ STOPS (1-877-297-8677).

Multi-Family Housing

    Individual Units  

    Smoking inside individual multi-family housing units such as apartments, condominiums, or duplexes is allowed. Each individual unit is exempt
    from the Act because they are considered private residences; therefore, tenants can smoke on their balconies, patios, or decks even if it is within
    20 feet of a neighboring unit. The Act does not address the issue of smoke entering from outside, through a ventilation system, or from a
    neighboring residence.

    Please keep in mind that a proprietor may designate their rental unit as nonsmoking. Multi-family housing residents should follow the smoking
    policy set by their landlord. However, Smoke-Free Arizona Program officials can only enforce the provisions defined in the Act. "Proprietor" means
    an owner,operator,manager, or other person in control of a public place or a place of employment

    For additional information on smoke-free housing, please visit our Links and Resources section.

    Enclosed Common Areas

    Smoking is prohibited inside and within 20 feet of entrances, open windows, and ventilation systems of enclosed common areas of multi-family
    housing such as the main office, laundry room, fitness center, activity center, or clubhouse.

    Outdoor Common Areas

    Smoking is allowed outdoors as long as smoking occurs at least 20 feet away from entrances, open windows, and ventilation systems of an
    enclosed area where smoking is prohibited unless defined differently by a local ordinance. Outdoor common areas may include courtyards,
    sidewalks, walkways, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, or swimming pools. Please remember that a proprietor may
    designate the entire property as non-smoking.

    Swimming Pools

    Smoking around outdoor swimming pools, such as the ones in apartment complexes or condominiums, is allowed as long as smoke is not
    entering into enclosed common areas where smoking is prohibited. Enclosed areas near pools may include laundry rooms, activity centers,
    clubhouses, bathrooms, or changing rooms.

    Swimming pools may have their own smoking policy set by the proprietor. Multi-family housing residents should follow the smoking policy set by
    their residential complex.

* Keep in mind that Smoke-Free Arizona Program officials can only enforce the provisions defined in the Smoke-Free Arizona Act. This means that
Smoke-Free Arizona program officials do not enforce local ordinances or in-house smoking policies.
Smoke-Free Arizona
Multi-Family Housing
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The entire property at Manistee is smokefree - no
designated  smoking aeas.  We have 75 one-bedroom
apartments for low-income seniors.  We should
have a website up and going in the next month and will
forward you the information soon.  

Thanks to Debi Windahl, Administrator, Manistee Manor
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For assistance with second-hand smoke in Your Townhome or Condo please contact our Office for assitance (480) 733-5864

Is Your Apartment/Townhome/Condo full of Your neighbors smoke YouTube video:
Secondhand Smoke in Multi-Unit Housing